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【QQ】 QQ Forgot your password security question,

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on QQ password

users often complained his QQ number theft, in fact, this is not a QQ its own problems, starting from the 2002 version of the developers on the use of non-reversible algorithm to the local password is encrypted, so-called non-reversible algorithm means that even if the procedure is designers to get your encrypted password stored it can not reverse calculate from your plaintext password, so now some of the popular QQ online password guessing device solution is to use brute-force method one by one projection of your password when you The password length is very short, or too simple, when it will be easily guessed solution of these devices come in a short time guess solution. As long as your password longer than eight and case mix, plus some symbols, then guess solution of these devices will probably take several months or even years may have calculated your password.
recommend that you set up your own QQ password must bring it set long enough and complex enough, certainly not a simple figure such as birthday or phone number as your password. You can go to the QQ Security Center checks your password is safe.
now, QQ client has not modify your password, change passwords, please go to https: / / password.qq.com /, to the Security Center can also modify the password and password protection of all issues can be to the QQ Security Center: http://aq.qq.com/ find the answer.

password protection for QQ, QQ number of safety to protect!

site since its inception, there have been a large number of users to repeat a letter asking the same question: QQ password problem. Some passwords were stolen, some password forgotten, some are forgotten password protected information, as owners of limited energy, it is impossible to answer, since the same problem I will not reply, and his look at this topic now! Let’s look at QQ settings for your second generation password-protected:

fact, no matter your password stolen Ye Hao, password forgotten Ye Hao, simple and practical approach is to apply QQ password protected. Click the link above, enter the QQ account, QQ password and verify the character log in, fill out the information by prompt (Note, fill in the information itself must remember that after the password to use, in particular, document number, must to keep in mind. Some mail messages can not get QQ, QQ mail recommended). Password protection can protect your QQ number is more secure, when the password problem,gucci bags, the more help you easily and quickly retrieved the new password. Now, however, the number of new applications are generally required to set up first, then password protect the data on behalf of 2, so the nine numbers are usually 2 generations password protected, do not need to apply separately.

If you want to change their own password-protected information in the safety box or prompts questions and answers, you can \As with the application for protection, input QQ account, QQ character password and verify you can log into the modified.

When your password is not correct,chloe bags, you can retrieve QQ password, click the link above, and gradually fill in when you fill in a password-protected application data, the system would face a change password page issued to your mailbox, you open the surface into the mail page you can change the password back. QQ some mail not receive mail, you can select the password way back when, choose \
If your number is mobile phones, PHS QQ paid membership number, you can send text messages via mobile phone to pay \If you lose the number is mobile payment QQ line number, you can send text messages via mobile phone to pay \Note: The above 10,661,700 for the China Mobile SMS service number, Unicom, Telecom / China Netcom PHS’s SMS number Click here to see, please send the number over the corresponding replacement for your SMS number.

QQ when your password is forgotten or stolen may be due to other reasons can not be normal when you first use to use these methods to recover the password. If you forget the password-protected information or did not apply for a password-protected, please fill in password theft complaint form. Complaints: 1, initiated the complaint, verify your valid E-mail; 2, complete the appeal evidence, see teach you fill in convincing QQ number of complaints information; three, completing a new password-protected information.

supporting friends complaint
In the \willing to assist confirmation number for your complaint. \
2, records of receipt of this complaint, and sent by your friend invited QQ.
3, ask them to log complaints or click on them to assist Friends of the QQ system messages received complaints into the secondary page.

inquiries secret security status
direct online inquiries QQ password-protected property, enter the QQ number and password you can, check secret security status here.

QQ secret security card electronic version of the
it is a record number of eight rows with 10 cards, in the implementation of sensitive operations (such as the transfer of equipment in the fantasy game, modify QQ password), the system will prompt the user to enter confidential insurance card number three position, all importation of the right allowed to continue. To maximize the protection of QQ users account and property, QQ secret security card began offering free downloads of service, click here to receive free electronic version of QQ secret security card.

Secretly Secretly if you bind a cell phone, text messaging can quickly change your password. Edit message \

secret security token
QQ secret security token is installed in the phone’s Java software, after binding to display six dynamic password. You only need the Security Center in the QQ bound token in accordance with relevant tips, you can use it to protect the QQ account, protection point of consumption Q Q coins, please click here to see QQ secret security token.

password theft causes and prevention

stolen see the reasons. Prevention:
First, you QQ as soon as possible to upgrade to better secure the latest version of QQ.
second, for their number for \
Third, the password should be complex, of course, also convenient for you to remember. Digital plus English plus best punctuation ,8-16 the most suitable.
Fourth, be sure to protect your email password-protected mailbox filled, we recommend that you do not fill POP3 mailbox, because the tools are broken support POP mail, and mail the password should be complex enough.
Fifth, in Internet cafes and other public places on the QQ, login mode, select \
Sixth, the machine would be best anti-virus, security software and should also release updates, recommended Kingsoft Internet Security 2009, the official version.
Seventh, please do not download software from unknown sources, especially the hacker class, bomb type software.
eighth, unsolicited e-mail attachment, send someone over to open the file, please carefully (especially. EXE at the end of the executable file, such as: photo. EXE), preferably immediately remove it.
password tips: If you are the QQ password is \to \
In addition, before each time you visit QQ, QQ doctors can see if there is Daohao computer threats. QQ doctor regularly updated to ensure that the latest killing appeared Daohao Trojan.

on the Forgot your password protected information

forgotten password protected information, password recall,Louis vuitton Handbags, would like to modify the password-protected information. QQ account then only through the complaint, and representations of time will fill the new password-protected information, if the representations to the success of the new password-protected information back to replace the old. The key then to provide more evidence, the password and then your hands, you can create more evidence. Can refer to: teach you to fill in convincing QQ QQ number of complaints information and crack password-protected document number. Relatively high success rate is several times more than modify the password, and then had a year or so to representations, the written evidence of previous passwords go.
want your password more secure? Open Super QQ, send text messages, retrieve the password.

on the QQ and QQ Daohao Trojan

Internet on the \break, guess passwords and other tools, these things may be added the Trojans, when you are enjoying the pleasure of bombing other people when black people inside the Trojan horse does not know that an ambush had been secretly hidden in your computer, as long as inside and outside the take place inside your computer without reservation, all will be dedicated to others, even the control of horse, when in the willingness to burn the city of Troy could be the same as the destruction of your computer. Moreover, some recent popular Ling Trojan may be more difficult to prevent people, its concealment is that it can intercept all your keyboard input, and save the results periodically made to the specified address to a computer or send an email to e-mail address, as keyboard input in the operation of this first step you overheard was Trojan, so even if its done then QQ how safe is serves no purpose.
QQ their confidentiality is very strong, as long as users pay more to prevent the use of the time, do not download and use software of unknown origin, your QQ number is still very safe, of course, we will continue to improve the QQ, password mechanism, enabling users to number if there are appropriate ways stolen recovered, such as QQ now apply for membership can use the phone line or retrieve your password, to the maximum extent, to protect users against losses.

on password cracking

a lot of friends asked me to help crack the code, once again: this site does not provide password cracking, please forgive me!
general password theft is very difficult to steal back later, because he can steal your password, the general method of password theft that he understood it, preventive measures will, to steal back difficult. If he re-apply password protection more difficult to steal back, only through a password theft complaints. Other methods, see teach you how to retrieve stolen QQ password.
final again, this site is not official website Tencent QQ, that is, number and the password is not my management,Gucci Shoes, I find useless, I can only retrieve the password provided the method, this is a password management QQ Web site: http://service.qq.com/, they have a problem

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